More than a service, we provide a partnership

When you start to learn about the fees charged by property management companies you learn quickly that they charge you for every little service. If you pay close attention they will make more money when a tenant leaves than if they stayed.

Our competition charges you when they need to evict a bad tenant they put in your property, then charge a “clean up fee” for all the damages, then charge you a “new tenant Fee”,  then an additional “Tenant screening fee”. A bad manager can ruin your business while charging you dozens of fees when they are supposed to be looking out for you.

With Silva Real Estate Services we don’t get paid until you do.

This is a complete reversal of thinking for the property management industry as a whole. Our philosophy is if you make money, we should make money, if you lose money, we should loose money. Your interest and our interest need to be the same for you to be successful. That is why we created a system that does just that. With our system you pay one fee and thats for managing a paying tenant. They don’t pay, you don’t pay us. As a matter of fact most companies want the rents to go to them and not you. This way they can take out any “fees” they choose or add in new ones you never knew existed. We prefer that you get paid directly then upon successful payment you pay us. If you don’t receive a payment you contact us immediately and we deal with the issues until we get you paid again.

We only charge 7% to 10% of the gross rents you receive.

This is very important to know when researching costs. We only charge you if you receive rents. If you do not get a rent payment, we don’t charge. For all rents received you get charged, for Property Repairs – No charge, Clean up – No Charge, Advertizing – No charge, tenant screening – no charge, move in – no charge, late payments – No charge, rent increase – no charge, Change in tenancy – No charge.

How can we afford this when others charge so much.

Silva Real Estate only manages single family homes or properties with multiple homes on a lot. We do not manage apartments unless we are hired to sell those apartments. Did you know most home renters could buy but don’t? For whatever reason most people would rather pay $2,500 a month in rent than pay $3,000 to own that same home. When screening tenants we review dozens of applicants but can only rent to one person. What about the rest? We do our best to sell them a home. So we utilize our rentals as another way to market to future home buyers. This mentality shift makes us work harder to find better tenants and create good relationships so tenants become our buyers.


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Services include:

  • Property evaluation
  • Rental business plan (SRE Smart Plan)
  • Extensive marketing of vacant units
  • Coordinating work to prepare unit for new tenants
  • Screening and selection of qualified tenants
  • Preparing and executing up-to-date Rental Agreements
  • Monthly reports of all financial activity at your property
  • Coordinate all necessary maintenance
  • List of carefully trained maintenance staff
  • Licensed and non licensed tradesmen
  • Tenant evictions
  • Rent increases
  • Agents available 24/7
  • Tenant move out
  • Repairs under $500 done
  • Repairs over $500 require approval
  • Move in / Move out review
  • Deposit Deductions
  • Up to date with Current laws
  • Ethical Representation
  • and more!

Our services are made custom to each clients needs, Contact us today to create your service.