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Take the guesswork out of selling and get answers. Our Sales Net Calculator will show you how much you will make at closing when you sell your home

This service is free for people who own homes in Southern California and their relatives. Some information may be private and require owners authorization*

How does it work?

find your mortgage statements

Your mortgage statement swill show how much balance is left on your loan. Write down this number and keep it handy.

Fill out the form with your info

Input your information into the calculator, we need your address to verify the value, we need the balance of your loans, and expected move out dates. Don’t forget any repair loans or other loans attached to your house.

We deliver your net sheet by email

Your net sheet will break down all the cost included in the sale including escrow, title, commissions and closing cost.

LEt's get started

Please fill out the form below and answer all the questions. Our calculator will automatically research details and deliver your accurate report.

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When you sell a home there are a lot of fees. Get a free report breaking down all fees and expenses to see what’s left in your pocket.

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