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We have been helping people buy the best homes on the market for over 15 years. I’m proud to say we know how to beat the competition and get your offer accepted when it counts. We have the home buying process down to a science where we can find the right home that fits your needs at a great price. 

We work hard to Find your perfect Home

Get to Know your agent,
and your Agent gets to know you

I am a realtor, a broker, a former contractor and investor. I love real estate and getting to know each client and their needs. Nothing makes me happier than finding that perfect match for them, then besting the other agents so my clients get the keys.

We eliminate all the bad homes
and show you the best ones

Just because you see a home for sale on the internet does not mean you can buy it. Rather than wasting times on homes with problems or ones that have already sold your agent will do the research and only show you the best homes on the market. 

What happens if your loan doesn't go through?

One One HUGE problem in real estate is bad bankers.
Many bankers make promises they can’t keep and the problem is so bad when professional sell homes we make sure the buyer is 100% qualified by verifying with our banker.

It's call Cross-Qualification.

Before you miss your
perfect home
get yourself a
Guaranteed Loan

Our preferred banks GUARANTEE they will close fast and cover your deposit up to $10,000!

Busy Professionals Love Us

  • Your Agent gets to know you the homes you want to see
  • We eliminate all the bad homes so you focus on the the best ones
  • We pre-inspect the home for defects and behind the scenes problems
  • We schedule appointment with owners and send you confirmation
  • We work with your banker to negotiate the best price possible
  • We give you a personal website with inspection calendar and info.
  • At closing you brand get new locks and keys!


Let's do this!

We sit down and get to know you and your family, answer any questions
you can think of and show you our process to finding the best homes.

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